Sunday, September 10, 2006

The future of Invention

I've been spending my time with issues related to outsourcing and how to innovate new products and services back home. It looks like the trend of outsourcing will continue and it will affect some basic manufacturing operations. This leads to a number of empty production plans and their owners looking for something new to do and produce.
  • Invest in inventions business models are emerging
  • Making money with the royalties
  • Shall we market intellectual property
  • Maybe there will be ways to monetize the inventions sales
  • A small handful of patents can be worth a lot of money
  • There is a market for core technologies, telecommunication, chips
  • The culture of secrecy is a part of the game
  • IBM has 23 000 patents, IBM makes a billion dollars by licensing
  • The patents auctions houses are planning to get thousands of patents
  • Extracting value from the inventions
  • The intellectual property market place
  • Intellectual ventures are done in silence
  • Research in emotions
  • We have been brainstorming this for a while
  • The invention sessions are places where you can show your inventions
  • How to participate in the brainstorming session
  • How can patents be made truly valuable
  • Licensing
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