Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Times Online about Razib

Several bloggers and online journals have interviewed the great blogger Razib Ahmed , and now this my blogger and GoogleTalk friend is out there and getting real media coverage. Our first online meeting took place a few months ago through my blog visualradios. Times Online has noticed his work:
"While everyone is sure of China’s impending status of 21st century superpower, India won’t be far behind. The blog is so sure of this that it takes as its subtitle “The ascendancy of India as an economic world power”. It has news updates that cover foreign investment, privatisation and outsourcing in a far from dull manner. "

That's a great achievement. I wrote: Hello Razib, you’re doing a great work over a slow lane. I’ve read about a submarine cable to Bangladesh. How is this project proceeding and how fast will it affect your personal connection speed. It’s great to have a talented and energetic friend at the other side of the globe. Have a great day and continue your valuable work. Our bloggin relationships dates back to early summer (here) when you Razied commented my blog

At that time I didn’t know that anyone else except myself and a few friends were following my sporadic writings. As you know, I write several blogs covering various areas. Now I have structured the writing a little better so that there are blogs in Finnish, Swedish and English and I also try to maintain a focus to something specific on the various blogs. It was easier before when I didn’t know anybody was reading. Have a nice working day. Helge Keitel from Loviisa, Finland.
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