Thursday, November 09, 2006

DoCoMo and Octopus

Things are moving fast in the mobile world. Asia has taken a lead in multimedia and entertainment applications. The Japanese DoCoMo has been one of the innovators in this area. I've been told that in Korea, as an example, the mobile phone models are changing every 2 weeks and people tend to change their models every six months. The entertainment content is remarkable.

Year 2004 seems like being distant history when we talk about mobile applications. I learned about the Octopus micro payment at the China opportunities seminar in Helsinki November 8, 2006. This high-speed payments can be made while walking through public transport gates. We can expect micro payment applications to spread to mobile phones in the not so distant future.

ASIA: 3 Hong Kong and NTT DoCoMo did showcase in July 2004 an IDD video call demonstration for three consecutive days at the “Wireless Japan”, one of the largest wireless technology exhibitions held in Tokyo. During the demonstration, IDD video call were made from Japan to Hong Kong by using the advanced FOMA and 3 Hong Kong’s video mobile phone.

In order to highlight Hong Kong’s traditional culture, the IDD video call was made at one of the Hong Kong’s attractions – Man Mo Temple. With the cutting-edge 3G technology and video mobile phone, the video call demonstration did allow the Japanese and international media, as well as the visitors who are attending the exhibition, to experience the unique culture of Hong Kong.

From that day on, 3 customers have made video calls and talk face-to-face with families and friends and business associates in Japan. They can also make video calls and browse the content-rich 3 portal for the most up-to-date information while they are in the UK, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Australia and Sweden.
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