Sunday, November 12, 2006

Guangdong as investment environment

What makes China such a big deal for Finland and for me? At this moment is more important for Finland as a nation than to me. We're the geogrpahically closest EU memeber country to China. The trade between Finland and China is flourishing. We are the biggest European exporter to China. Could you believe that? And Finnish companies have invested 5 billion Euros into China. There are some visible investments in Finland as well and new things to come. Chinese toursits are playing an ever increasing role. And for myself and KK-Net, we have been studying Chinese opportunities for two years. The next steps will be taken soon.

Guangdong has established long-term and stable trade relationships with over 200 countries and regions, more than 100 of which have come to invest. The investment environment is constantly being optimized. Guangdong has splendid natural scenes, abudant resources, mild climate and beutiful environment. Its flourishing economy, stable society, mature business and trade system make it a tremendeously potential market.

Guangdong provides a improved infrastructure, a highly developed communication network, and a well organized transport network. The administration is cultivating an honest, thrustworthy, safe and civilized investment environment, which is at same time low-cost and high-efficieny. There are excellent services available for investors and merchants that protect the legitimate rights of foreign businessmen / women to guarantee their better opportunities of development.
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