Thursday, April 24, 2008

Instant Messaging and Social Media

Instant messaging has become a part of daily life on the web. I use several different services depending on what I want to do and who I want to talk to, I wrote 11/24/06. That was true 2006 and IRC was very popular in the 90's. Not much has changed since then technically. The same basic idea of text messaging is true. Now we can use pictures to identify ourself.

VTT = The Finnis Techncial Researh Institute has collected 38 000 new applications from mobile phones users. The idea of user generated R&D is possible through imaginative use of collaborative Internet based working platforms providing valuable feedback to research teams.

Yesterday IM or Chat appeared on my Facebook. I tested it a few times and the application seems to be cool. Blonde 2.0 is afraid about potential Chat-spammers. It depends on the people using Facebook. Do we have the courage and manners to keep it clean?

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