Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Camp India

Let's take a look at what happens in India. I got a Google Reader information about Blog Camp India.


Blogging is more than just a tool for online communication. For bloggers and blog readers, it represents a way of life where open communication, dialogue, feedback and collaboration enrich content, helping us forge professional and personal relationships. From encouraging government transparency, blogging about children, discussions on economics, sharing poetry and literature, ribtickling humour, online activism, movie reviews to Sunday musings, the tool has changed lives for all those who use it and rely on it for opinion, information, entertainment and business.

Blogcamp hopes to provide a forum where bloggers can share their stories and be inspired by innovative and successful blogging experiences. In the spirit of blogging and no-barriers interaction, the two-day event will be in an unconference mode.

Celebrating the Spirit of Unconference

Unconferences are immensely popular because of active participation of attendees, where everyone will be encouraged to have conversations around areas that interest them. Chaotic as that sounds, it sparks off many new ideas and is a whole lot of fun.

Conversations we will have at BlogCamp

Here's just some of what we will be discussing; do feel free to enter your areas of interest here.

  • Blogging and Governance - How blogs are being used to provide assistance during times of crisis, uncovering potential crimes, activities, taking on the government, etc.
  • Blogging and Entrepreneurship - Many professionals are using blogs to change their world. Here we talk about how blogging can work towards career development and related areas.
  • Corporate Blogging - Many corporates have started blogging, taking them closer to customers. Here, you could share your stories on why you are incorporating blogs in your products and media strategies.
  • Getting Geeky - The Art and Science of Blogging, how to go about it, tips and tricks of trade and taking blogging to the next level.
  • Blogging as New Media - As blogging goes mainstream, it complements journalism. Here we talk about why traditional media should care about blogging as a form of citizen journalism.
  • Blogging as a Hobby - How blogs help you in showcasing your talents and skills, in sharing your deep thoughts.
  • Blogging and Community - As a tool for action, collective or distributed, as a binding force, as a way for individuals to contribute, and to get back something.

How you can participate

BlogCamp works on the basis of the rule that "the expertise of the speaker is less than the collective expertise of the audience". We want you to participate - without you, there is no BlogCamp. You can conduct sessions, help out with the organizing, and take part in the conversations or just absorb the spirit. Most importantly we'd like you to share the spirit of the BlogCamp - learn, share and grow.

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