Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The C-generation

Chat Information
Chat InformationWelcome to Rackspace. My name is Nav and I am a Live assistant. How may I help you today?

This was a great example of true interactivity: Rackspace!

Hello, what brings you to our site today?
you: Hello, I wrote about you in my blog
Nav: Right I see.. how may I help you?
you: this is the blog post in Finnish
Nav: Thank you...
you: I was curious
Nav: one moment whilst I take a look
you: About your ideas about the communicator
you: The C-generation
you: It's in Finish language
Nav: Yes I did recognise this- so how may I help you ?
you: Tell about your research
you: What is Liveperson?
Nav: Would you like me to forward to our marketing department?
you: Send me information about your services to
Nav: May I take your details perhaps some one can contact you from Rackspace, should they want to participate?
you: Ok
Nav: I will need your full name company name, phone number and email please...
you: Wait I copy it here
you: Terveisin, Best regards, Med Vänliga Hälsningar, Mit Freundlichen Grüßen, A bientot,

Helge V. Keitel
Director International Operations

L O V I I S A - L O V I S A
Drottninggatan 13 B, 07900 Lovisa,
Finland Phone: + 358 50 309 2021
Skype: visualradio

Interactive | Innovative | International | Networking | Operations

Kuikkalantie 4, 88600 Sotkamo, Finland
Phone: + 358 50 309 2021
Skype: visualradio

Messenger: digitalvillages
Yhaoo Messenger: kymijoki
Go Meebo: digitalvillages

Nav: Sure....
Nav: Thank you. . .
Nav: Your name?
you: thanks to you
you: Helge V. Keitel
Nav: Great.. pleasure speaking to you.
you: Have a great day!

The web in 2020 looks at the way in which the Internet will shape the lives of individuals and businesses taking into account legal, political, social and environmental factors and examining the way we will socialise, shop and do business online.

The study predicts that Generation C (C standing for content/ connectivity/ creativity/ collaboration/ communication) will be ‘nicer', more able to communicate with a wider cross section of people and find common ground across previously divisive differences as a result of proliferation of the Internet.

The study also predicts a future with a greater blurring of ‘real' and virtual worlds with an ‘always on' society. Infrastructure will need to be able to cope with the ‘always on' generation. The report predicts hosting providers and data centres will form hubs through which the World Wide Web functions.

Other observations in the report include:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) will be the norm. This will involve outsourcing and streamlining everything from video conferencing to supply chain management.

  • Mobile Web and Internet interfaces mean work spaces and work time will be more fluid.

  • The Internet will be green - relying on technologies that require reduced energy, alternative energy sources and offsetting of contributions to carbon emissions

  • The Web, online communities and social networking sites will have facilitated the development of an alternative economy. Supplementing a cash economy with a ‘relative economy' this will see goods, services and time ‘traded' by individuals, groups and perhaps even businesses both locally and across the world.

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