Friday, March 30, 2007

Corporate Blogger

I will start tracking Finnish and International Corporate bloggers and analyze what they are writing about. I guess that is going to be a thrilling task.
  • How personal should or could the blog be?
  • It's a way to learn to understand your company
  • Corporate blogs for big companies
  • The business blog and small business blogs
  • Being personal, fresh, transparent and honest
  • Creating a personal voice, taking down the PR-barrier
  • Show the low of running a business and being an entrepreneur
What's an example? How genuine are the blogs?
  • Dell is a good example
  • They don't sound like the business talk
  • PR people doesn't need to be controlling
  • Should you ask the PR department to write
  • It's better to sound real and have a genuine voice
Give a window to the inside information
  • Robert Scoble changed the attitude towards Microsoft
  • Scoble helped to look at the companies differently
  • The business blog can help you to move a step ahead of your competitors
  • Customers expect to have a conversation with your business in real time

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