Friday, March 30, 2007

Young CEO Corporate Blogger from Finland

Helge: My next corporate target is Teemu Arina, CEO and young entrepreneur. I try to analyze what patterns are typical for corporate bloggers. Teemu is by far much younger.

Teemu Arina Writes in his blog: “The structures of our society are shaking under increased communication and complexity. I’m a good example having spent 1/3 of my life as an entrepreneur before the age of 25, teaching my first semester when I was 17 years old, building two large Open Source projects and now working as an advisor to many companies, universities and non-profit organizations on the impact of social technologies on their operations. I’m well connected with leading thinkers and I perceive my network as my second brain where most of my learning occurs.”

Helge: Open source man. Young and talented entrepreneur, connected to leading thinkers. Great. One pattern emerges. Teemu is also related to Kone Oyj.

Teemu: My name is Teemu Arina. I’m partner and CEO at Dicole Oy, a company focusing on understanding the role of social technologies in knowledge work and networked learning in organizations.

Helge: Sounds familiar, Social Media, knowledge work and learning organizations.

Teemu: We also develop our own Open Source based software called Dicole Knowledge Work Environment. We use it in cases where we can’t find any better/easier/cheaper alternatives. It integrates wikis, blogs, feed readers, forums and files in a unified system that supports multiple separate or interconnected work areas for individuals and groups. Some of our users use it as a PLE (Personal Learning Environment) too, when they connect, Flickr, Youtube etc. with it..

Helge: Open source and Web 2.0, PLE, good…Read more about Visualradio at Kauppalehti Presso

Teemu: I’m a programmer, teacher, consultant, networker, mentor, entrepreneur, self-directed learner and artist who has deep interest in Open Source, networked learning, collaboration, cooperative work, social software, self-organizing systems, complexity, networks and related emerging technologies. I like spicy food, juggling, underground electronica, online gaming, gadgets and thoughtful conversations.

Helge: He is young and talented, many roles, modern, learning, also time for some fun in life.

My blog is a tool for my own personal learning. It’s a place for reflection and sharing of ideas. I write ideas down for later reference and starting point for discussion. It also serves as a portfolio of my work. In the right-side of my blog you will also find my recent bookmarks and Flickr images.

Helge: The blogging objectives and motives are nearly the same.

I will write about a wide variety of topics but the general themes will be things like Open Source, networked learning, software industry, futures, knowledge management, knowledge work, emerging social technologies, personal publishing and creativity.

Helge: Multiple writing styles, I have several blogs, I travel fast from one subject to another on a global scale.

Juha: MY writings on Open Source in education will be posted in FLOSSE Posse, where I’m a co-author.

Helge: I’m not OS but we have one in our company leaning towards Linux. But we all try to implement the Open Source Methodology in our work.

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