Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Call Centres and Print Media

We sometimes get phone calls over the copper line. The typical caller is a Call Centre and they are trying to sell print magazines, business and technology dailies or weeklies for subscription. The calls are going something like this:

Call Centre: Hello, blalalallalallalala, vould you like to subscribe and you will get extra and premium, clocks and pens, valuable items etc.

“No, I’m not interested.” I respond.

“Why not, we have all these valuable extras.” The Call Centre person declares.

“We don’t have time to read print; we get all our news and information online.”

The Call Centre tries to motivate, “But the value of the gadgets…”

“No thanks!”

This happens still several times in the month. I hope to get black-listed. They should exclude me. I’ll call the service providers when needed. Another annoyance is the ISP and telco service providers. They too would like to sell me things over copper lines.

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