Monday, May 28, 2007

A specila day

Today was a special day. We visited Tekes and no need disclose what we were talking about in the meeting. Tekes produces quite a number of publications for FREE. Some of them are both informative and valuable information. I will present some of the publications later on. We discussed the Basecamp and its meaning for the project.

  • It’s an extension of my blog
  • Important for me from a business perspective
  • The idea about how to work different, co-creating, open innovation
  • The Open Enterprise web book s designed for release in a few months time
  • To understand the power of design thinking
  • Personal watching and learning perspective
  • There is an enormous amount of entertainment out there
  • Drama in the soap opera world
  • Ask the builders is just one good example
  • The “how to do” videos are telling DIY people about new possibilities
  • There is someone to help you with do it yourself issues
  • The presidential election is going to use the YouTube a lot
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