Friday, August 03, 2007

US Housing Prices

We've spoken with Seppo about the US, European and Russian real estate markets. But what happens if the US Real Estate business is going into real trouble? The risk level has been rising. The news are out. People are worried. Specialists in Finland are aware about the risks as well.

Things are good in Finland still. The economy is healthy, but we are not live on an island. The global effects of a US housing prices meltdown will affect the consumer products production in China and soon we have a long tail hitting Europe and Finland as well. We depend on each other.

This blog is not trying to define where the housing market is going. I just check some weak signals and try to estimate what would be next best thing. Here are some that we are interested about:
  • Green Industry
  • Bioenergy
  • Water treatment
  • Clean Technology

Helge V. Keitel digitalvillages I should write a blog about the US real estate market development. Some people speak about a meltdown of housing prices. What is happening?

Jeff Barr jeffbarr @digitalvillages - check out http://thehousingbubbleblog... for an overview.

More information from the housing bubble blog.

Jeff Barr jeffbarr @digitalvillages - I'm not an authority. Things are still good here in Seattle but from what I can tell the rest of the US is hurting.

Where is the industry going? Venture Capitalists have Green Economy one of the third most attractive industry. Studies say that the housing and real estate is creating more CO2 than the car industry.

Bioenergy is only used to produce 1 % of the global energy need.

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