Saturday, September 15, 2007

Now Is Gone » Mobile Social Media and Other Future Technologies

Now Is Gone » Mobile Social Media and Other Future Technologies: "At a TIE-DC event this week, I watched a Microsoft employee compare it’s mobile platform to Apple’s.

Pretty crazy, huh? But it just goes to show you how important mobile is becoming to the Internet and social media. More and more social networks and internet services are creating mobile versions.

Consider, mobile Facebook, and mobile Google. As a former wireless reporter and someone who has published an analyst report on the diffusion of wireless Internet technologies, I cannot tell you how thrilling this is.

The dream of broadband mobile environment is within our finger tips. I know what an explosive catalyst this technology will be for our world. Recently on Facebook, I asked some of my friends which technologies they thought would impact us most. Many thought mobile broadband was key."

THE PHONE is one of the most important social media tools.

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