Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Jeff Pulver Blog: Social Media / Internet Communication Trends: The Conversation

Helge: I agree with Jeff Pulver The Conversation is the new message!

The Jeff Pulver Blog: Social Media / Internet Communication Trends: The Conversation: "Social Media / Internet Communication Trends: The Conversation Back in the day, Content was king, but in the world of social media communications, 'the conversation' has taken the throne.

Helge: Traditional blogs and media will still give the background and the deep meaning. I trust more on Twitter and Jaiku messages as a source for my daily news than any other media.

Sure, content still matters, as does context, but for those of you who are looking to where the next mega trend on the Internet will be, I am placing my bets on something I am referring to as: The Conversation. Many of us have shifted away from the one-way experience of Radio and TV, (the majority of the time our radios and TVs are on they are entertaining us in the background) and away from one-way content on the web.

  1. One way road
  2. TV
  3. Radio

We have moved towards experiences that both engage us and afford us the opportunity to have Conversations. There are two major trends to consider here for businesses who are interested in participating in the evolving Internet Communications Marketplace: be PART of the conversation, and to be PRESENT both when and where the conversations are happening.

  1. Jaiku
  2. Twitter
  3. Pounce
  4. Povenc
  5. Microblogs

Businesses participate in The Conversation by having an active social media presence. For some this includes a Facebook strategy, maybe a commitment to produce podcasts and sometimes participation through interactive real-time social media platforms like: twitter, Jaiku and Pounce."
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