Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nokia is on the right track

visualradio posted to #DigitalVillages:


Nokia is the next big thing. The growth is in Asia. Apple is a US niche market. Big things are Bollywood celebrities and sports.

Cricket, just to mention one. We know nothing about it, but there are lots of followers.

  • visualradio

    The importance of US market is over estimated. We need to learn the new maths (joukko-oppi). The market is the King and the growth is in Asia and Southeast Asia. Nokia is going to present a great result and breaking 40 % market share. The Nokia Siemens Networks might be a big burden, but the Nokia bosses have to take care of it. The long term global strategy of Nokia is right. The market is where the people are. US is marginal. It takes a decade for Apple to get a significant share. iPhoen is a great signal - the future is post-PC - but Nokia is the big winner.

  • visualradio

    @Suviko, She provided me with this link. Technical or marketing advantages have a lifespan of 3 to 6 months. Strategy is still a very important issue. Silicon Valley is a trend setter, but running a global enterprise is not about fashion only.

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