Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Professional Enterprise Blogging

Back then, when we started to embrace the net, many people really didn't know much about us. Finland is located at the periphery of this flat world. We still are a small company. Building a brand and a name is hard work and takes time.

Four (blogger) to ten years (html) of blogging has resulted in an increasing traffic to our blogs and home pages. There have been ups and downs, starting early have disadvantages. I guess I was writing for myself for several years. There weren’t many readers in the beginning. Many bloggers have experienced the same.

Things have changed. The traffic improves and we do have economical benefits from our efforts. Irja started blogging this year and has been successful as well.

Yes, in addition to, a number of other blogs, we run I try to think what people, clients, partners and friends would like to know about our work, our services and us.

Writing to a big global audience has taken us to develop different channels for different themes.

This is a space where to talk about Digital Villages, high-tech, networking, social media, collaboration and what's on my mind, what I'm dealing with, etc. My writings may be business related, it may not, technology oriented, Web 2.0 related.

I will post here when having something interesting to say. The next goal is to write better stories to attract readers and to increase the traffic to our blogs and sites. The Internet Traffic Map tells who is reading this blog (100 latest visitors).

It was in the early 90's when we started to become involved with the Internet, when our first ideas about global networking started to evolve.

At one point along my online journey, I became aware about the possibilities of online journalism. Nevertheless, it did take quite a while to get down to useful and profitable applications. I guess that was around 1997 when we started Wiirila Werkossa Wiikottain.

Another aspect has been the evolution of our Virtual Organization. We have extended our network to span all over the globe.

The product development has taken longer than I anticipated at the turn of the century. The boom and blast didn't affect us. We were working on things that didn't hurt us.

"Genius isn’t anything more
than elegant application
of common sense."

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