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Who cares about your blogs?

2006.10.20 17.56 | Who Cares about Your blogs? I'm moving over stuff from my Kymijoki blog.


A successful salesperson does a lot of research on his clients:

  • A good salesperson reads blogs to learn about his clients, learns about their businesses, products, goals and objectives and about the decision makers personalities
  • If I go to see someone and haven’t been there for six months, lots of things have changed and it’s a great way to update and to learn what is going on
  • Authentic genuine comments on their blogs is a way to present my ideas in advance
  • This is a pretty great way to connect with my customers
  • Don’t’ plan to stop your day job if you get into blogging, it's a great conversational tool for improved communication with your clients and your partners
  • Getting actual dollars: Google clicking can give you some pennies, but the most important thing is to get more traffic and readers to your website and blogs

Specialists have problems to get any press in the mainstream media

  • People on the blogosphere are writing about the specialists and the mainstream media might be ignoring the specialist
  • He gets good coverage in the blogosphere
  • How to get my feet wet
  • You can bring the information over
  • Leave the old blog there as a historical reference if you go from free stuff to professional alternatives

The seminar

  • How to pitch bloggers
  • You did a great job with that, would you like to write more about your ideas and findings (become more interactive)
  • How to send out music and use your blog to promote the music
  • Release music and support the release with your blogs
  • Royalty free publicity on the podcasts
  • People that listen and like it might turn into customers
  • He sells CD’s online and distributes samples for free to podcasters
  • He don’t want to give up the control of his music and marketing
  • I managed a couple of bands and understand how difficult it’s to get the producers to market


  • He does a lot of book promotion and sends out books to bloggers to get good reviews from real experts
  • He told me "I noticed that you review some business books on your blog"
  • Free books, they sure are great presents to bloggers who write and comment
  • Press releases and pitches are much more difficult to be made in the PR firm
  • Toe nail fungus email might be the end-results if you don't write to the right audience

Pitch bloggers

  • Authors have much more in common than the PR guy
  • For people on-line that haven’t started blogging there are lots of valuable information
  • There are 50 million blogs out there now and the majority is still in US
  • Planning is a good thing, and you should do some when you go for blogging

The non-bloggers

  • He reads 2-3 hours a day and he loves to read them
  • Specific topics they want to cover
  • A big picture you want to cover
  • Starting a business blog without planning is like driving naked to work
  • Get focused, try to maintain the writing within the topic area
  • I’ve attracted ways of more clients after I started blogging
  • Quick story: I sold something yesterday but I need more than 50 cents consulting daily (Amazon clicks)

What are the most unusual uses?

  • Anonymous writer who uses the blogosphere as a practicing area
  • That person told: You know me, I left comments on the blogs
  • She writes a lot, Hides the blogging for husband
  • Editors don't know that she is blogging
  • She has been publishing business articles but don't consider these great writing
  • She built up a confidence on how to write on the blogosphere

Writing is a critical business skill

  • Blogging has improved my writing skill dramatically
  • I write on material that could en up into 10 books one day
  • Some bloggers got their books published, I'm still happy writing on my blogs
  • An unplanned trip to Russia to complete an international adoption was a great experience I heard about

Room and a computer

  • Chain smokers in a local bar in Siberia
  • Stopped bye for a beer
  • Meeting with a Splogger
  • The Blogger meets the splogger
  • Clammed up when he understood that I knew about sploggers
  • Reindeer keeper
  • Taxi-driver
  • He told me how spam blogs work
  • He didn’t create a lot of material, but he had an idea bout how to distribute content
  • Articles that he would auto generate
  • He had learned a linking strategy to make money

Robert Rosenfell is a marketing man

  • Mother of invention is the name of his blog
  • Writes anything he wants about the things he likes to write about
  • Helps him to avoid bad clients
  • Clients you don’t want to work with turn away if the don’t like his blogs

Horrible practices

  • Great potential clients: They accept his writings
  • Stay on topic most of the time
  • Stay away from religion and politics if you are a business blogger
  • Most people spend much more time on blogging than they think


  • Podcasting
  • I wasn't getting his idea at first
  • His typical customer is an entrepreneur who needs a lot of information
  • The typical first time customers are more than willing to listen hours of podcasts
  • They want a lot of information, they listen to as much as they can get
  • First time entrepreneurs don't mind about the podcast quality that much, the point is to get the message through and over
  • Lots of great information is needed and he realized a way to get it over
  • He interviews auto detailing shoppers
  • Additional add on services
  • Easy to sell

First time in the morning

  • Stumbled across his podcasts
  • He knows his market
  • It’s a very narrow niche and the blogs and podcasts help him to get out the word to the world
  • Convert people to buy from him instead of his competitors

Results are hard

  • Most people are not just doing one thing
  • It’s difficult to quantify
  • When I first started blogging I didn't even expect to have an audience
  • Maybe a few friends are or were reading, but things have changed, now there are readers all over the world
  • Selection committees for seminar speakers might be reading your blogs and find what you're writing about interesting
  • Called me later: I don’t know much about you, but what you write about, makes you a perfect candidate, do you want the job
  • It was a direct sales. It closed the deal. Any other way would have a much higher price tag
  • He could tell it from the blog

He is a humorist

  • He writes funny stuff
  • He got significant traffic to his website
  • He generates so much content
  • The phones are ringing so much often
  • Very tangible results
  • Most don’t get such response

Guerrilla marketing

  • To meet with more people
  • You can’t blog ones at a while
  • Daily, weekly and several times in the week
  • The latest news week doesn’t mean next week

When I blog more I get more traffic

  • Two blog posts a day are generating more traffic than one

No publishing touches it

  • Blog the book product
  • It’s a great thing to do it
  • Famous to blog anymore
  • Souvenir the actual traditional book
  • You maintain your copyright
  • Blogs or podcasts are your copyright
  • You can’t read a blog on the beach

Part of the rational

  • If free stuff is good, the pay stuff must be incredible
  • How do you get started
  • Good blogging software packages
  • Going through the major blogging software
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