Saturday, December 15, 2007

NewsFactor Network | What Will Apple Release in 2008?

NewsFactor Network | What Will Apple Release in 2008?: "A new report from investment bank Goldman Sachs predicts that Apple's 2008 releases will include a 3G iPhone and a modified Apple TV. According to AppleInsider, the research report was written by Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey and was based on information obtained from component suppliers in Asia.

The impact of the iPhone's highly successful U.S. launch in June, and the iPod's position as the leading portable media player, has reignited media curiosity about what Apple has coming up in the year ahead. Several news agencies have reported that Apple will introduce an ultraportable, 12-inch Mac laptop with flash memory instead of a hard drive.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson have indicated that a 3G iPhone is planned for release next year, although there has been no formal announcement. The second-generation iPhone is currently being designed, the Goldman Sachs report said, and will have a form factor similar to the current model."
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