Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Not a Lecture Blog

It's Not a Lecture: "About This Blog 'Companies and the mainstream media grew accustomed to being the only ones speaking, much like a lecture format. Today, it's a discussion, and it's happening in real time.'

This is a quote from blogger Mark Nickolas in an interview about the influence of blogs for a Business Lexington column. This blog is dedicated to examining how businesses, organizations, and the government are abandoning the lecture and entering the discussion online.

Helge: Learned about David Wescott today when he started to follow my Twitter.

This is a personal web log written by David Wescott. David is a public affairs professional specializing in issues-based online communication and outreach. David has developed and implemented online outreach strategies on issues such as health care, education, energy, the environment, feminism, and housing finance. He works for a global firm and lives in Lexington, Kentucky. He also writes 'Living Locally, Working Globally' for Business Lexington.

David has also worked as a legislative assistant to a US Senator and as an administrator for a pediatrics department in a public hospital.

The opinions expressed here belong to David and only to David -- they are not necessarily shared by his employer."
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