Monday, January 28, 2008

SAP Network Wiki

SAP Network Wiki: We've been twittering about Social Realism" and how Internet is copying reality and real-life events. This doesn't mean that Internet is lifeless.

The Pitch

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability have made it into many headlines. CSR and sustainability are definitely global trends today. Some companies are already reporting on it, and there are new indicators that certainly will be in the annual reports of almost every public company in the coming years. To help define new indicators for our company, we decided to integrate you into this process from the very beginning. We believe in a completely transparent community-based approach, and this is one way that you can help SAP and the BPX/SDN community in our efforts to develop indicators specific to a software vendor in the high-tech industry.

The Approach

We have added some initial content to this wiki to get the collaboration started. We would like you to provide additional content with your perspective, your priotization, and your definition of various indicators. Tell us what indicators SAP should use to measure its success and report on its status in different areas. For example, how could SAP contribute to the environment indicators? How does a company car policy contribute to the carbon footprint of a company? What could SAP do to limit CO2 emissions?"

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@digitalvillages thxs for barber window story - Transparency is key- Imagine public wiki discourse and disclosure

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