Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ten Talking Points for Davos

Ten Talking Points for Davos: "Ten Talking Points for Davos. Wikinomics author Don Tapscott outlines 10 issues, many centered around the potential of Web 2.0, that he'll discuss at the World Economic Forum by Don Tapscott Innovation & Design.

  • A New Model for Green Design
  • What's Really on the Davos Agenda
  • A Better Way To Track the Economy
  • Masters of Collaboration
  • Phoning from the Edge

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The theme of this year's annual meeting of the World Economic Forum at Davos (Jan. 22-27) is 'Collaborative Innovation.' Important developments in information technology, demographics, business, and society are enabling new paradigms in collaboration in the global economy and leading to profound changes in every institution.

Companies, governments, educational institutions, and others can now orchestrate capability, innovate, and create value for their stakeholders in new ways. Collaborative innovation may hold the solution to many of the vexing problems facing our shrinking planet."

Helge: We apply this in several areas like biotechnology, microbiology, biotouch, bioenergy, medical electronics, real estate, market research, and of course collaborative innovation itself.

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