Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Writing can be a lot of fun

What is the most fun part of your job? What is the passion in your work? Working on Twitter, Jaiku and Pownce. I also write a blog; I write several blogs and in several languages.

Is there anything we should go out seeing in the social media jungle? What's worth while?

You have more visitors than I, that's should be true for most of my readers. Finland is a small country and most of my readers come from somewhere else. I'm however no big name.

Need to tell you that the channel strategy I started to change a year ago is going in the right direction. I'm not busy with the final result.

Experimenting with different themes and writing styles is most important. One thing is going to change. I'll stop using "justifying full".

I'd like to become more artistic and creative. I was listening to Robert Scoble and Larry Hryb speaking about Xbox, blogging and CES.

Video | Posted by Robert Scoble | January 18th, 2008 12:48 pm

Larry Hryb is one of Microsoft's most famous bloggers. He works on the Xbox Live team and visited the CES BlogHaus to talk about what he's seeing.

Only 18 people watching. Fun! Thanks a lot.
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