Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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Home | InnoTown Innovation Conference 2008: "News: InnoTown 2008: 20 - 21 October In Stavanger, Norway | After 7 consequtive years in Aalesund, the time has come for us to jump to the next curve: The 8th InnoTown will take place in the picturesque city of Stavanger, on the South-West coast of Norway.

In 2008, the Stavanger region is designated ´European Capital of Culture´. Due to this honor bestowed on the region, a myriade of activities are happening in this vibrant and dynamic area throughout the full year. We have therefore changed the initial InnoTown 08 dates from 2 - 4 June, to 20 - 21 October. The program will be launched on our website 20 May, and web registration will be possible from that date.

'InnoTown is the Macintosh of conferences... It´s deep, intelligent, complete, elegant, and emotive. It will cause people to jump to the next curve.' - Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Computer evangelist. Managing Director, Garage Technology Ventures, USA"
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