Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kommentti | Communication acrobatics

Kommentti | Communication acrobatics: "Communication acrobatics blog discusses youth and their digital lifestyle. The blog is based on survey data collected from Japan, South Korea and Finland in 2005-2007. A group of researchers from these countries are writing articles on youngsters and their digital lifestyle from different viewpoints. This blog introduces some of the material as well as drafts and background material of the articles. Full length articles will be published in a book format in English and in Finnish in 2009-2010.

Helge: Need to take a closer look...

Communication acrobatics blog is situated in (Comment in Finnish) is an online channel for youth research. It comments scientific, political and media related topics from different viewpoints in various blogs. Kommentti speaks up new research findings and youth politics as well as transforms research data into hands-on and down to earth discussion. Comments are given in many ways, in forms of columns, statistics, blogs and free discussion."

Helge: 2005 sounds like very old. 2007 is like yesterday. What about now?
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