Bio about Doug

My name is Doug, but you may know me as Four20. I am a geek and a stoner that works at a pizza joint. When I’m not at work(or sleeping) I’m on the internet. . .monitoring RSS feeds. . .digging stories. . .and watching/listening to podcasts.


I first learned how to build a computer within the first month of high school. For the next four years I cleaned up viruses on the machines, upgraded the hardware and pieced together broken machines to make new ones. It was my sophomore year when I smoked pot for the first time. . .and ever since I have enjoyed learning as much as possible about both.

I have been on the internet since Aol 2.0(3-4 months before 3.0 came out). During the first dot-com days I remember learning how to build and repair computers at school. . .and in my senior year I began learning HTML.

I had a job at a Usenet(newsgroups) company where I did support(and some administration) for almost 3 years. During this time the internet was cracked wide open to me. I learned about this entire culture that I knew very little about before.

Fast forward to today and I am the computer guy at work and with family. . .as well as involved in web publishing.


This website will be a ‘home base’ for everything about me. . .Fou20. I participate in many web 2.0 communities as well as publish content on a few websites of my own. . .and this will be a good place to link to all of my stuff.


If you would like to contact me with a question, comment, tip or anything else. . .please do so. Click here to contact me.