Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer? -- Smartphones -- InformationWeek

I feel that the microlaptos will be my choice while I need a keyboard that is bigger than any of the smart phones. A very basic phone has all the other functions I need.

Is The Smartphone Your Next Computer? -- Smartphones -- InformationWeek: "Is the smartphone the new laptop? Can we really ditch our Windows-powered portables when we travel, in favor of BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile-, or Symbian-powered handsets? It's true that full-fledged x86 computing excels at supporting deep views into business intelligence and CRM databases. However, most professionals would like nothing better than to lighten their load on the road. And hey, if they can access their companies' Oracle (NSDQ: ORCL), Salesforce (NYSE: CRM).com, SAP (NYSE: SAP), or Sybase (NYSE: SY) apps from a lightweight mobile interface, why not?"

It's reasonable to think such a scenario will be par for the course for the typical knowledge worker in three years' time. But what's the reality today? That's the question we bounced off three categories of stakeholders: IT organizations, enterprise software vendors, and cell phone platform suppliers.

What we found is a mixed bag. Smartphone makers are rushing to partner with software houses, as both see big bucks in giving their customers mobile enterprise access. The former envision over-the-air ERP and CRM as ways to drive expensive handsets into the hands of workers who currently don't rate more than commodity cell phones. And software vendors anticipate broader usage--or at least heightened mindshare--for their apps if they can get many more people to spend more time interacting with customer and transaction-oriented data on their handsets."

Helge: The small screen and a keyboard lacking the ergonomics needed for heavy writing, blogging, and socializing is my argument against all the present smart phones on the market. But hundred million users can't be wrong. I just happen to want something more and I'm not sensitive to screen size and keyboard size.
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