Friday, October 24, 2008

Solutions Stars: Strategy Drives Outreach » The Buzz Bin

Solutions Stars: Strategy Drives Outreach » The Buzz Bin: "The Network Solutions sponsored Solutions Stars Video Conference (Oct. 29 at 1, don’t miss it!) features nine content themes:

  • Building Web Presence
  • The Social Opportunity
  • Start with Listening
  • Strategy Drives Outreach
  • You Need Social Networks
  • To Blog or Not to Blog
  • Visibility Through Search
  • Rising Above the Noise
  • Time Demands

This is the fourth of nine posts in nine days, offering thoughts on each section.

Strategy Drives Outreach

Here were my thoughts after viewing this series of videos: The most common errors in social media and marketing in general come from lack of strategy (beware the self-touted social media expert). Without a plan, without knowing what you need to achieve, or with whom you need to communicate, and what value have to offer them, marketing becomes a vain exercise in the futile. You need a plan."
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