Saturday, April 03, 2010

Can bioenergy save the planet?

E71_24.10.2009_Sotkamo 115This is not a traditional story. Bioenergy does not possess the power to save the planet or to solve the energy problem.

We’re stuck with a very big environmental footprint and there is no solution in sight.

Political meetings promise marginal changes. We, the consumers, are not willing or able to step back and start living a less energy intensive life-style.

Finland does not show a good example.  We’ve a very energy intensive industrial structure. That’s why we talk about three new nuclear power plants. There is no magic: we would need to cut back on consumption, traffic, eat food that consumes less water and energy to produce, live in smaller houses, change our lifestyle completely.

How long will it take to learn this basic lesson? Fifty or one hundred years? How many catastrophes do we need to understand the connection? I’ve no idea, I don’t even know if the questions are relevant.

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