Friday, April 09, 2010

oDesk is a service you can use to hire people

27012010020I started to think about Microworks (Mikroduuni) a few weeks after the innovationtrain trip from Helsinki to Oulu returned back. It took place January 13, 2010 and I arrived to Sotkamo one day later.

The microworks idea was moving ahead about a month later with a group of enthusiasts at Sitra talking about what could be accomplished through open innovation and collaboration.

Then we took a break for a several weeks. Some new discussions were taking place but we still had a lot of planning ahead. Financing of a new venture was completely open. Today, I learned about oDesk and even though it’s different, there are a number of ideas that are comparable.

The new way to work: odesk is a service you can use to hire people. Or get a job. But not a job like your dad had. Here you get a job based on either time, project, or maybe a longer-term contract. And you can work anywhere in the world because the odesk system lets you collaborate with your new boss and he can watch your work as it progresses. Did we mention you get paid?

And they now offer benefits? Crazy and here we talk with odesk's CEO to find out what's changing in the world of work.

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