Friday, August 24, 2012

Decreasing the remoteness of Distance Work

lalsace It's such a wonderful thing to have all these high-tech gadgets and tools available for the masses, supporting global networking and creative collaboration.

But we're also living confusing times: we've not yet really mentally moved out or away from our  local villages or narrow definitions of space.

There’s a broad gap, and troubled waters, between the immense opportunities created by Internet, Facebook, Twitter, G+, and the myriad of other Web 2.0 tools.

While living in Alsace, during the 90’s, we stayed in touch with our friends in Finland  with a FAX based “news-flash” with the name JataNews. And then came the world wide web and Internet. That was a huge step forward.

Today, with so much better networking tools, I still wonder how slowly we adapt to long-distance collaboration. Most of us rely on face-to-face meetings and common experiences. The traditional office does still have a meaning as a working space, and the coffee machine functions as a social bonding device.

It’s a huge mental and emotional challenge to feel “close and friendly” with people and colleagues working at the other side of the globe, unless they are relatives or friends from your local village.

We don’t even remain in close contact with some of our school friends.

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