Sunday, September 03, 2006

BarCamp Finland Intention

The collaborative organization and sign-up process happened in real-time on the BarCamp wiki. Participants added their name to the list and noted any equipment they could bring. Campers also floated ideas for sessions they would teach or would enjoy being taught.

I've my own wiki in this address Digital Villages Global. My intention is to use the same wiki as a base for the upcoming BarCamp in Finland. The organizing group has to be assembled. I've a group in mind, but then we have to select a proper location. Let me think about a few:
  1. Helsinki WFC
  2. Kouvola Tahtitaajamat
  3. Keski-Suomi (we will think about it 6.9.2006)
The local Digital Villages geeks are ready. I think the intended participants have a lot to bring to the table or to the presentation podium:
  • interesting presentations
  • the sponsors
  • food, drinks, refreshments
  • accomodation
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