Sunday, August 16, 2020

When your book ends up being a movie

What if your characters end up looking different from what you imagined during the writing process in the movie? How are you going to react? 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Short History of Digital Villages

DV started as a small budget local project, it became regional, but never really made itself to the headlines. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

All Things Go Digital Soon

The Digital Future offers great potential, but needs the right approach so that all will benefit. The next big things don’t just appear from nowhere. We need to be prepared; do the home-work and find the right people, money and the resources needed to get things done.

We have had industrial revolutions before and we were pretty good in dealing with them. What’s new is the enormous speed of the current revolution, which is being fueled by digitization.

We can not change the speed of technological change - so we need to adapt to it. We must be agile, self-organized and flexible. Organisations need to give people more ownership and responsibility for what they are doing.

Traditional hierarchies are smashed and digital nomads are given the ability to self-organize their productive contributions.

The leaders assume the role of coaches, trusting their teams to make the right decisions. Another key for success is diversity. 

We need to enhance the innovative strength and unleash the potential of our participants.

Diverse teams prove highly capable in adapting to to a  changing environment., and thus contributing to the success of smart villages.

We need to do the most of our participants diversity with regard to everything from cultural background , ethnicity and geographical location.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Let’s get started

Let’s get started! From building the Great Pyramids to landing on the moon, humanity's greatest endeavors have required thousands of people working together on common goals. That requires intricate project management to pull off.

Project management is what gets you to your goal. We need to break down the project into manageable, repeatable steps, ones that guarantee success even when working with many individuals institutions, communities, villages and companies.

It was a project management system and teamwork that landed man on the moon in the 60's.

What do we want to achieve?

Like any startup, the Digital Villages project management team and participants have to  set their goals, define their mission, get organized and discuss a common strategy. What do we really want to accomplish?
  • A learning process
  • Technology improvements
  • Better business environment
  • Attract more tourists
  • Construct hotels and improve housing
  • Export local goods and services to new markets
  • Improve life for the villagers

If we don’t know where we are heading, we might end up somewhere else!

A Digital Villages startup’s success always depends on the three crucial ingredients:
  • access to capital 
  • access to talent and 
  • access to markets

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

EOS - European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry | Press - Press Releases - International Softwood Conference: Riga 2018

Sawn Softwood

The recovery of sawn softwood production that started in 2013 continued at a lively pace during 2016. In the EOS member countries, total production of sawn softwood increased by 2.3% reaching a volume of 82.3 million m³ in 2016. 
The recovery seems to continue this year at a similar pace, as sawn softwood production is projected to reach 84.4 million m³ in 2017 (+2.6%), still far from the production peak of 89.5 million m³ which was observed in 2007.
Developments in 2016 were not equal among the EOS member countries. While in most countries production grew (particularly in Finland and in Austria), a decline was observed in Romania and Belgium, and a slight drop also in Sweden and Switzerland. 
With a production of 21.1 million m³ and a share of 25.6% (25.4% in 2015), Germany remained in 2016 the largest sawn softwood producer within the EOS community. 
Sweden ranks second with 17.9 million m³ (21.7% vs 22.5% in 2015). Finland remains the third largest producer with 11.4 million m³ (13.9% vs 13.0% in 2015) ahead of Austria with 9.1 million m³ (11.0% vs 10.7% in 2015).

France remains the fifth largest producer within EOS with a share of 7.8%.
EOS - European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry | Press - Press Releases - International Softwood Conference: Riga 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Here's Why Remote Workers Are Flocking To Spain

Spain is known for taking things slowly and making the most of free time. Spaniards have some of the highest life expectancies in the world and can you guess why? Well, let’s say it has something to do about living slowly and the no pasa nada attitude that you quickly get used to upon arriving. People who choose to work remotely don’t want to be attached to their computer all of the time but also want to enjoy the day to day, which is easy to do when in Spain.

Digital Nomad? Here's Why Remote Workers Are Flocking To Spain - The Local

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Who owns the Future

Digitalization might be the biggest thing that has happened after the industrial revolution.

It could be the most fundamental thing since humans were able to communicate.

Digitalization changes everything, affects core aspects of business processes, customer interaction and processes.

Processes gain obvious benefits from digitalization, as well as the ways companies interact with customers.

Do decision-makers fully understand the opportunities and threats posed by digitalization and how technological change will affect the long-term health of their organizations?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Minda Solutions CLT Press

The World's largest CLT press by Minda.

MINDA recently received an order from a European manufacturer of prefabricated houses for the construction of the world’s largest CLT-press designed until now for a maximum board size of 20 x 6 m.

Already in 2010 MINDA developed its first hydraulic CLT press with the TimberPress X 300 including a 3-dimensional pressing system for the production of high-quality CLT boards for a German customer.

Layers of individual length and cross lamellas are transferred to the alignment station by the vacuum portal followed by the automatic glue application.

The package to be pressed enters the press on a special plastic belt whereas the finished pressed package simultaneously leaves the press.

Before pressing, the package to be pressed is entirely compressed, separately in X- und Y-direction, by a horizontal press system. Afterwards the vertical main pressure is built up.

The TimberPress X 300 particularly disposes of a flexible fully-automatic limit stop which allows producing any board format within millimeters. To that effect no oversize is required.

Source: Minda, Ligna 2017

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ligna 2017 starts on Monday

LIGNA 2017 – the world’s leading trade fair for machinery, plant and tools for the woodworking and timber processing industries –  is about to start in a few days!

We would like to remind you of the LIGNA press highlight tour on Monday, 22 May 2017, from 10 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Meeting point will be the foyer at the Press Centre at Hall 17/west side, check-in starts at 9:30 a.m.

We arrived to Hannover in the afternoon with Irja. It was raining at our arrival but they'd a very warm day in Hannover today: 30 C.

Now at 22h07, local time, the temperature is pleasant we're happy with our location and apartment. Spring time is beautiful in Germany. The weather was very warm in Munich today as well.

Deutsche Mess is celebrating 70th anniversary this year. 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Industry 4.0 and the ongoing digital revolution

DV invites you to join the discussion on the ongoing digital industrial revolution. The industry is in front of technological, social, customer focused and experience based digital revolution which will disrupt every industry in every country.

The breadth and depth of these changes manifest the transformation of entire systems of production, management, and governance.

This revolution is affecting manufacturing and service industries from innovative start-ups to world’s leading enterprises. We're going to see changes in the way end users are using new technology. Platform and solution developers and providers are creating better ways for us to live on the globe.