Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big RFID News: Motorola Symbol Marriage

Big RFID and mobiel news about Motorola and Symbol marriage: Sept. 21, 2006. Editor’s Note: "Hello Moto, Hello RFID. Motorola and Symbol Technologies announced yesterday that the cell-phone giant will purchase Symbol for $3.9 billion. Symbol is a major supplier of handheld and mobile computers and auto-identification devices to retailers and consumer product goods manufacturers. How will this affect Symbol's customers, especially those that buy its RFID interrogators and tags? Only time will tell for sure.

Although Symbol is among the largest suppliers of RFID hardware, RFID tags and interrogators account for only 1.9 percent of its total revenue, according to recent SEC filings. Some observers suggest Motorola’s motivation to buy Symbol stems, in part, from an appreciation of RFID's long-term potential growth. If that's true—which seems likely—then Moto's purchase of Symbol should be seen as a sign that the future looks bright for RFID, and for one of the technology's major players. "

This might be a challenge to Nokia as well. Motorola is taking steps towards the huge potentials within the RFID applications jungle. Some very futuristic applications might be available for businesses and the general public within a few years time. This deal will take mobile phones into very new application areas. The future shop is looming behind the corner.

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