Sunday, September 03, 2006

Beta testing the Google Blooger

Google is suggesting to start a new blog. I'm testing this one out. What new is available through the Beta? About me: this project.

Digital Villages is an evolutionary development that started from Wirby the Global Village 1998. We've a large dispersed group working with various Community and Businesses Development Tools.
  • Social Collaboration
  • Global Networking
  • Distance Work
  • eCommunity
  • Innovation
  • Bar Camp
I have been testing all kinds of blog and wiki platforms. MySpace has bee a good place for videos. Blogger was one of the first platforms I've used for blogging. The Google Beta version has a nice feel. The Bar Camp process is very interesting and I will soon learn if this can be used to import people from our micro communities into the Bar Camp process. My idea idea is to learn more about various platforms.

Google Talk is also new. What can it be used for? I need to learn more about the functions, objectives and principles and then write more about my initial idea about how The Global Village, Digital Villages and Tähtitaajamat (Star Villages) could be a part of this networking environment. Who I'd like to meet? People that are tagging their stories with: global, innovation, networking, collaboration, Web 2.0, instant messaging, video, signage, sales, marketing, video, community, interactive, entrepreneur, innovation, creativity, design, technology, arts, craft, invention, business, start-up, new venture, venture capital.
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