Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The location

The road from Loviisa to Lahtis twists, turns, and changes names. We're driving through the small villages avoiding the main roads. I was a little worried that we don't make it before 07:30 hours as planned. While we will still have some miles to go to the holiday village where the project meeting will take place. We have over hundred kilometres left to go from Lahtis. However, we were greeted by our partner at the meeting point at time and was thrilled to find out the new details about the mission we were about to start.

Here I will soon place a few pics I snapped from the event. Thanks to everyone who stopped by for making the meetup such a success. A more detailed report will be published in the coming days before heading back to a new and interesting meeting in Västra Nyland. I've been checking in with GH and YG for daily updates and helping out where I can.

This blog is a new tool and represents a part of the BarCamp arrangements after the long warm summer up north in Sotkamo. We've this year been away from Loviisa for an extended period, up in Sotkamo almost since we started to work with the idea of arranging a BarCamp in Finland three months ago. It's been a good opportunity to reflect on how much has changed down here over the last months.

It's also nice to recognize how much hard work our networking team has put in to bring the process to where it is today. We need to be thankful for the goodwill from the participating communities.

I'm using the next few days winding down new inputs and ideas about the upcoming location,
spending my time in a small town called Loviisa. My writing and blogging fingers are beginning to itch and I'm anxious to get back to the final preparations.
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