Monday, September 11, 2006

New innovators needed

The Finnish high-tech scene has been dominated by Nokia for more than a decade. We've a number of interesting innovative companies but they are much smaller and less known than the mobile giant. My concern is that we would need more small start-up innovators to create something that would extend our image to fields outside the mobile gadgets world. Or maybe these could concentrate on the content generation for the mobile devices.
  • Do middle-sized listed companies have the time, resources and courage to do continuous product development?
  • Should we have more garage and incubator start-ups to generate new ideas, concepts, products and services?
  • Where are our Web 2.0 developers?
  • Where is the Finnish iPod-generation hiding?
  • Wouldn't it be cool to get some new things to play with at the school
  • What about multimedia? Podcasting? Webcasting?
  • Why are we having such a low profile in these fields?
I try to comment my own questions in upcoming blogs.
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