Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Who cares about Web 2.0

I've been writing about Internet, new technology, Web 2.0, social collaboration and digital villages for years, about internationalization, globalization and how technology affects our every day life. Who cares? These issues are marginal for the general public. I try to make a list of who might be reading.
  1. Web 2.0 - Just a few and close to nobody
  2. PC versus Mac - Geeks
  3. Visual Radio - Who cares
  4. Globalization - Some
  5. Internationalization - Maybe a few partners
  6. Social Collaboration - The whole idea is still too complex
  7. Wikipedia - Maybe some geeks
  8. Outsourcing - Readers hope it will not happen in 'our company'
  9. Blogging - Geek stuff
  10. Podcasting - What's that?
  11. Videocasting - More "What's that?"
  12. Venture Capital - Too complex for small companies
  13. RFID - Question mark
  14. Smart phones - Use them, don't talk
  15. MP3 and iPOd - For kids
What should I be writing about instead?
  1. People relations
  2. Celebrities
  3. Weight watching
  4. Food
  5. Wine
  6. Travel
  7. Gossips
  8. Cars
  9. Jokes
What's the motivation for writing about issues nobody or close to nobody cares about? Honestly, I started to write these digital diaries for myself and will continue to do it. These are notes for my own use and they have a value for me on a long term basis. I can go back to some of my blogs and check out what I had on my mind January 2004.
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