Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ambient Intelligence

Collaboration on the EU level is leaping forward. There are numerous work groups ready to team up for practical cooperation. I think this is very important for the inventiveness of European SMEs and larger enterprises. There are great opportunties in the fields of mobile and Internet convergence and fusion solutions. We should have a Google or Skype talk with Kurt Linderoos about what we can do and present from our side. I'll be blogging more about that in the coming days. It's about a month to the start of IST 2006 in Helsinki.

Nowadays, the researches on ambient intelligence are addressed to understand user’s physical and mental states, and to assist them proactively in performing activities, reaching goals and mastering everyday life.

This characterizes a new mode of natural interaction between people and their environment: Ambient intelligence enables the environment to become aware of the human that interacts with, in terms of his goals, needs and even moods, then to proactively help the human to reach his goals. Scientific findings indicate that emotion is an essential element of our intelligence, and plays an significant role in decision making, perception, learning, and more --- that is, it influences the very mechanisms of rational thinking.

Therefore, the ambient intelligence systems should also have the ability to recognize, to understand, even to possess and express emotions. “The question is not whether intelligent machines can have emotions, but whether machines can be intelligent without any emotions.” (M. Minsky)

To perceive and understand human mental state by intelligent systems via affective expressions is the key step to ambient assisted living. The objective of this cross-discipline workshop is to enable fruitful discussions on

  • Affective Computing,
  • Ambient Intelligence
  • and their application in assisting our everyday life.


Workshop on Affective Computing for Ambient Assisted Living

November 21-23, 2006, Helsinki

Contact Information:
Prof. Linmi Taor>Dept. Computer, Tsinghua University
Beijing 100084, China
Tel: +86 10 6278 0697
eMail: linmi(@)

Dear Helge Keitel (KK-NET), I am proud of your registration in our modest website. It will be very grateful, if you can allow me to skype you in order to present some opportunities of collaboration, in example for sharing our stand during the IST-2006 conference to be held in Helsinki; to launch the formation of a network for presenting some proposal for FP7 projects in the area of IST; other cooperation in the area of Open-Solutions, IST, RTD+I, CMS/CFM, KMS, etc. br, Ferran

en Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut
ype: Ferran.Cabrer
Euro-Cluster Pro-Information Society
MUFICATA s.l.<br>Natural Information Environments
T:+34 934238267 F:+34 934233430
Jaume Fabra 12 08004 Barcelona
FP6 European Research Projects:
- TOSSAD.orgr>-
COONDI COoperation ON DIversity
WEKOMS web2.0 for organizations on-Net
See you at IST-2006 21-23Nov06 HEL:r>Exhibit "MeshUp" and WorkShop "ACAAL"

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