Friday, October 27, 2006

Consen at IST 2006 in Helsinki

CONSEN - CONSEN (EEIG) Euro-Group is a Grouping of European SMEs who have agreed to cooperate as Euro-Cluster in Information Society Technologies projects, tenders and business throughout Europe.

The main objective of the CONSEN (EEIG) is to establish an ongoing and effective dialogue between members focused on Research, Development, Innovation and Business of Open Technological Solutions for Information and Communication at European level.

The companies are all experts in Open-Source Software, Contents, Standards, Infrastructures and Information Society Technologies.

Affective Computing

for Ambient Assisted Living

November 21-23, 2006, Helsinki

Main aims of the ACAAL inter-disciplinary workshop are to: Provide an interdisciplinary forum to investigate and discuss state-of-the-art research in plausible models of affective computing in Ambient Assisted Living (AAL).

The main focus is on emotions grounded in ALL, and on the impacts of emotions on the computational applications, both at the individual and social levels in ALL. Define new research directions focused on FP7 and related to affective and emotional innovative ways of computer-supported applications and human computer interactions.

Exchange experiences, bringing together on one hand scientists and research aspects from psychology, educational sciences, cognitive sciences, various aspects of communication and human computer interaction, interface design and computer science and on the other hand educators and game industry, should open gates to evolutionary changes of the learning industry. List of characteristics of affective user centered computational applications and adaptive ALL environments.

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