Sunday, November 19, 2006

Indian MySpace

Prerna Gupta of Competing with Orkut November 14th, 2006 12:08 pm. In this short video Kiruba speaks with Prerna Gupta, founder and CEO of - a new social networking site that claims to be "created by Indian youth, for Indian youth." I think the idea is great and this is a clear indication that there will be national versions of MySpaces. This podcast can be found on .

The new site is very much in tune with my [Prerna Gupta, founder and CEO of] culture and with my background. The US based Prerna Gupta tells that she has been spending a lot of time in India with relatives and friends. “I can connect on a very personal level.” She says.

The core concept is the same as for any social networking site. People participate by creating a profile and connecting with other people. The idea with is to offer a much richer experience. Rich content can be used in this connection. There is an application around mobile that will be presented a little later. She will be talking about it later. Easy modification of each individual site can be an important thing for the users.

“The power of doing what you want is been given to the users.” She continues. “It’s all about how to represent you to the rest of the world. The participants want to express themselves. They might not use just one site exclusively. People are on multiple sites. There about 25 million active Internet users in India but only 2 million are on some social network sites. There are huge possibilities for growth. Users can send SMS for free to mobile phones in India. It’s similar to “SMS.something” that lets people send sms to people for free.” I guess that was the message.

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