Saturday, November 25, 2006

IST Finland 2006

IST event will gather together all the key players of European information society technologies. The event concentrates on European policies, strategies, research activities and results in all areas of the Information Society. We welcome you to participate in the conference, exhibition and networking events.

The conference programme should appeal to decision-makers from the public sector, private industry and the world of research as well as to interested citizens. The Exhibition shows concrete results of research in and beyond Europe made possible by the IST Programme. Networking Sessions complement the conference and exhibition and contribute to one of the prime objectives of the European Commission in the area of R&D - to encourage forward thinking and collaborative initiatives for FP7.

At the IST 2006 you’ll also hear the latest news on the 7th Framework Programme. The event is organised by the European Commission in cooperation with Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Finland.

The IST 2006 Helsinki was closing at 2 pm 23 Novembre 2006. My first reflections to what I'd seen and heard appeared as a podcast 24 Nov 2006 andd the digital picutres starte to appear in a context 24 November 2006. I think there is much more than the words and talks and pictures to this event. We've been able to open up a completely new world view. The open source collaboration is proceeding at multidicsiciplinary levels. The final facit of this congress will be written several months later. Just now, we are only touching the surface. There're so many talented individuals participating.

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