Friday, November 10, 2006

Mak IT fast

At the Web 2.0 conference somebody asked why “Yahoo hasn't acquired Six Apart's blogging tools or Facebook to gain some faster traction in blogging and social networking.”

Bradley Horowitz from Yahoo responded, "We put Yahoo 360 out there and learned a lot from it. 360 may be doing a 180, and change and adapt to address the opportunities." He didn't offer any specifics as to what the 180 degree turn looks like.

The Yahoo co-founder David Filo added, "We are absolutely interested in blogging, and we hope five years from now to be a major player in that space. We will look at acquisitions."

Marissa Mayer of Google was advocating speed. Her key statement for the listeners at the Web 2.0 Summit was that "slow and steady doesn't win the race." Speed is a huge component and big market driver of Web 2.0, she said.
  • Google's AJAX applications, Gmail and Google Maps, benefited from speed
  • Digital photography and Wikipedia are examples of how instant gratification helps drive people to become expert users faster
  • For Google, or any other Web site, speed means people viewing more pages in same visit and spending more time overall online…and more money.
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