Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mobile YouTubing

I´d the opportunity to talk with two companies active in the area of transferring rich content from Internet to mobile devices. One comes from Israel and the other from Greece. There are lots of possibilities in this field. We are also talking with the big blue an ISPS´s about how to make this transformation come true. The open source approach is very important and that idea is now also widely supported by IBM.

New visitors from Germany, Romania, UK etc. We talk about mechatronics, laser technology, multidisciplinary collaboration on an European scale. The value of our network is that it embraces the little guy, the garage innovators, high tech companies, research centers and institutes, universities in Europe.

But our work is people oriented. It´s people to people supported by a technical platform a common community corner where we can discuss and have dialog's about opportunities and problems. It´s a very humanistic approach. People to People. One to One. Many to Many to find the best solutions for clients, industries and organizations.

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