Monday, November 27, 2006

Ubiquitous Computing

In view of preparation for the Framework Program 7, the "Communications Technologies" Unit has organised a consultation of all interested sector actors on the future research priorities in the Information and Communication Technologies priority (/fp7/), in particular as regards Ubiquitous and unlimited capacity communication networks, which could be defined as:
  1. Cost-effective, reconfigurable and flexible mobile and broadband network technologies, systems and architectures, including terrestrial and satellite networks;
  2. Convergence of different fixed, mobile, wireless and broadcasting networks and services spanning from the personal area to the regional and global area;
  3. Interoperability of wired and wireless communications services and applications, management of networked resources, service reconfigurability;
  4. Complex networking of ad-hoc intelligent multimedia devices, sensors and microchips.
The FP7 program has been undergoing internal consultation and should be presented at the IST Conference. For further information, please refer to
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