Saturday, November 18, 2006

Veteran Podcasters

Really, if you started 2004 or 2005, then you can be considered a historical figure. Veterans are telling that Net radio has been along for quite some time. RSS and point cast. Audio delivered on-demand started 1994. iPod changed a lot in this field. I'm listening to leading podcasters and gush, that area is embraced by a big number of people. I've decided to do more in this field. The ideas have been growing and I've made a promise to start producing more on a regular basis. It took me some time to get fluent with the blogs.

I had a barrier with English, but today this language flows better and better. By time you read this you will be able to start calculating how many audio programs I will produce until the end of 2007. One podcast per day is too much. But once a week would mean close to 60 podcasts. Videopodcasting will start at the end of next year. Maybe in the summer of 2006. Photoblogging isn't a big deal anymore. Video is. Everybody can make a podcast. The same applies to videoblogs.
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