Saturday, November 11, 2006

What is CoComment?

"Hello Razib, I learned now that you are also writing this blog I’ve been reading it and it gives me an insigth into what happens in Asia. " Was written on page with the name CoComment. I realized that this is a comment written by myself. CoComent collects comments, I guess. My story continued:
  • The ascendency of India as an economic world power
  • The role of China and India
I read more about CoComment: "coComment makes your online conversation a lot more fun, with a simple but useful set of services like conversation tracking and sharing, RSS feeds and alerts for conversations, and a variety of community oriented services."

But how did I get into coComment? I was checking another new service with the name Tehcnorati writes: "Social search site Wink released a new feature called People Search this weekend and I think it’s going to be a big move for the company."

I used Wink beta to check myself and got into new areas I didn't have a clue about. Now I know about coComment and Wink.

I’m also curious about the developments in Bangladesh, Vietnam etc. Big multinational companies from US and Europe are investing huge amounts of money to set up their facilities. This also applies to Finland, a small nation from the northern Europe. Nokia is paving the way and it’s suppliers are following suite. But there are also more and more SMEs looking for the bright side in the Asian conuntries.

But I love to see much more grassroots - people to people - direct contact between south and north. The blogosphere opens up huge new possibilities. We can blog, skype and connect over IMs and bridge huge distances at nearly no cost at all. The possibilities for innovative global collaboration are greater than ever. You’re one of the active pioneers in the south. I think of myself as one from high up north. Have a nice day!

Helge Keitel

Below is an example of the comment coming to my google email. Supposing that I succeed in the installation of the Java code to my blog.
Helge V. Keitel show details 11:35 am (1 minute ago)
Helge V. Keitel has left a new comment on your post "What is CoComment?":
This is an attempt to see if coComment works on this site.
Posted by Helge V. Keitel to Global Digital Villages and Cities at 11/11/2006 11:35 AM
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