Thursday, November 09, 2006


A deep change has happened on the Web. Collaboration of people around the world has become possible. When you say the word wiki some people at corporate level are ready to run and hide, but there is no need to be scared. Now we, you, us can plug into new platforms and cooperate with people we haven't seen ever befor. We may plug into surging communities and co-create business models, tools, products and services. This is something that should be embraced and loved. We don't need to be afraid about this progress. More and more R and D will happpen online with outsiders.

* There is a paradigm shift
* Leaders in the industries are the last one to adopt change
* Crisis of leadership is changing the business landscape fundamentally
* There is an emerging open market for uniquely qualified minds

This is a new mode of production. Wiki does now even connect with economics. There is the biggest change of the century. Hundreds or millions of people can come together and create new products, services. Social networking is becoming the new mode of production.
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