Sunday, November 12, 2006

Your Minis

The Your Minis blog page says: "We hope will make managing your Internet life easier, more accessible, and fun."

What is " is a personalized dashboard of minis (mini applications, also known as widgets) that let you perform specific tasks, and get information and features from all over the web in one place. You can configure minis to see your email, check the weather, watch youtube videos, search the web, browse flickr photos, read news and rss feeds, save notes & to dos, listen to music, and much, much more."
  • Dashboard
  • Widgets
  • Information and features from all over the web in one place
  • email
  • Check the weather
  • Watch youtube videos
  • Search the web
  • Browse Flickr photos
  • Read news and rss feeds
  • Save notes & to dos
  • Listen to music
What makes different? "There are several things that we think make very unique. We believe experience matters (alot) and with you get a fully customizable, multi-media, rich web experience. In addition, you can access in a variety of ways including:

1. As a personalized start page @

2. As a browser plugin. We will be posting the extension for firefox and flock (more coming soon) in a couple of weeks. With the plugin, you can browse the Internet and easily access by clicking on the logo in the bottom right of your browser or clicking "Ctrl" and "~" at the same time on your keyboard.

This will launch in "heads up" mode over any page that you are currently on. also interacts with the pages below the heads up display. For example, if there are RSS feeds on the page, we will detect the feeds and let you simply add them to, or if you are on a page with videos, we will detect the video and allow you to download it.

To go back the page you were on simply click back into that page through the transparent background of the heads up display.

3. As a link or a badge on a website. Anyone can configure a tab and then publish that tab for the community. Anyone using can then subscribe to that tab. In addition, a site owner can put a link to their personalized tab on their website by using one of our badges. When a user visiting the site clicks on the badge, a personalized page, that was created by the site owner, comes up in heads up view over the site.
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