Saturday, December 30, 2006

Apple and Google

One of the juicier rumors of 2006 was all about what Apple and Google would do together. What could they do together? Sun might be a part of the New Deal as well. "Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO is on Apple's board, and Mountain View and Cupertino are ridiculously close together. The two companies own customer opinion like no one ever has. What could they do together?" Writes Cult of Mac. But will Apple really introduce iPhone at Macworld 2007?

* What could this mean for Nokia? What has Nokia to do in USA to increase market share?
* What if Motorola does make some new bold moves?
* Motorola has been speaking about the '1 000 days' to overtake Nokia. How will that happen?
* Nokia's new CEO did forecast last summer that Nokia might go for the highest brand value
* Nobody is going to give up easily. It will lead to a gigantic battle.
* Merging Web 2.0 the Mobile 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 is going to take some bold new moves.
* Nokia + Yahoo = Could that be a possible move 2007?
* iTV Apple
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