Friday, December 01, 2006

Infomation Society Program

On Thursday, 23 November, Prime Minister Matti Vanhanen and Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Susanna Huovinen presented prizes for best information society practices at the closing ceremony of the IST Conference at the Helsinki Fair Centre. The awards are part of the Government Information Society Programme.
  • The press release can be found here.
The total sum of awards was EUR 35,000. The best practice in each category received an award of EUR 10,000. There was also a special prize of EUR 5,000. This year, there were three competition categories: new innovations; effectiveness and productivity; and application and promotion of data security.

In the “new innovations” category, the prize was presented to Kulutuskapula ry for its Consumer Gadget. In the “effectiveness and productivity” category, the prize was presented to the National Board of Taxes for a pre-completed income tax return form.

In the “Application and promotion of data security” category, the prize was won by the Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT for an SME Risk Management toolkit. In addition, the jury decided to present a special award for AddictionLink web service of the A-Clinic Foundation. A commendation was also presented in each category.

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